Our guest speaker was Dr. Don Clark,  who is involved with FAME. The organization gathers and ships medical equipment all over the world and also sends out short-term medical missions.  Our Club is presently working with Rotarian Dr. Marvin Clark on sending a container of medical equipment to Haiti.  Dr. Don Clark gave a presentation on the country, which is the third poorest in the world.   This spring, a surgical team is going to Haiti on a medical mission.  Dr. Don Clark, who has been there on medical missions in the past, as well as Dr. Paul Schaefer of Summerside will be part of the medical team.  During his presentation, Dr. Don Clark showed pictures of the town they will be working in (the "town" has a population of 275,000).  The pictures show the poverty, pollution and deforestation that shape the area. Dr. Clark was thanked by Antoine Richard.