The Group Study Exchange team from District 2610 Japan spent three days with us in May.

The Club played host to four young professionals from District 2610 as part of Rotary International's Group Study Exchange.  Maki, Sawato, Masahiro and Makoto were hosted by Vance & Sheila Bridges and Mary & Bill Kendrick.

They arrived on the Island May 23 and all four stayed with Mary & Bill at Briarcliffe Inn for the first evening and were treated to a lobster supper.  They managed to master the fine art of shell cracking and certainly enjoyed this truly Island experience.

On May 24, Maki and Sawato moved over to Vance & Sheila's for the next two days.  Vance played tour guide for the next two days showing them around our end of the Island including visits to Green Gables House and the Wind Test Site at North Cape. 

On May 26, they attended our Club meeting and Masahiro led the team's presentation about their District.   Then they headed off for their Vocational Service activities with Maki and Masahiro going to Three Oaks with Tim Hockin.  They both work in education.  Sawato is a paralegal working in victim services so Yolande took her over to the court house and Makoto, who is a Sake Master was taken by Cathy up to the potato vodka disillery near St. Peter's.

By the afternoon, they were handed over to the Charlottetown Club for the rest of their Island visit.